It's alive!

I have had the opportunity to work on different animation projects, from banners to videoexplainers to short-films, and I have enjoyed them all, because every chance I get of giving it a bit of a soul to a couple of lines of shapes makes me feel like a story-teller, and I love stories.

As an example I post here my graduation film "The Legend of The Bat" (Masters in Media -Animation-, University of the West of England). A bit old, but always relevant! I shall post further examples on my channel in YouTube. I hope you like it.

The Legend of the Bat
Writer, Director and Animator Lucía Morgan
Voices Esteban Rogel
Sound Arragement Sacha Atkinson
Duration 7:30 mins
Image 16:9 Full frame, PAL system
Synopsis An adaptation of a Mexican legend, the film tells a story of how we try to be "better" than the others, at all costs, instead of accepting ourselves as we are
UK, 2008. Suitable for all audiences
Official selection at:
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK, 2009)
  • Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (Germany, 2009)
  • Exeter Animation Film Festival (UK, 2009)
  • AniFest (Checz Rep., 2009)
  • Galicja International Children Film Festival (Poland, 2009 - Second Prize of the Children's Jury)
  • Seattle Children's Film Festival (USA, 2010)
  • REDCAT International Children's Film Festival (USA, 2010)
  • Asheville International Children's Film Festival (USA, 2010

I quite enjoy the making-process. Writing, suffering, thinking up the characters, suffering, planning the production, keeping an eye on the calendar, more suffering, the actual animation... During my studies I was taught to appreciate the process of research and to document everything, so if you are ever curious to take a look at the storyboards, production and animation books, just let me know.

draft Bat

  • Videoexplainer ATN test

    Credit: Concept and Animation

  • "intro Mexicolore"

    Credit: Concept and Animation

  • Videoexplainer PowerTeam test

    Credit: Concept and Animation

  • still essamoca
  • "Essa Moça"

    Writer, Director, Producer, Animator: Adriana Mota

    Credit: Visual effects

  • still illumination
  • "Illumination"

    Writer, Director: Liz Crow. Producers: Liz Crow, Rachel Drummond-Hay

    Credit: Animation secondee

  • still desquamation
  • "Desquamation"

    Animation: Steven Hawthorne, Lucía Morgan and Louis Christmas.

    Music: Paul Evernden.

    Production: University of the West of England, Royal Academy of Music.